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Ortodoncia y demás tratamientos odontológicos ahora son accesibles

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  • junio 14, 2019 |
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A girl with dental braces

Nowadays visiting some of the dental clinics in Panama, it is already possible without spending so much money. Remember that healthy teeth and gums make it easy to eat well and enjoy good food. There are a number of problems that can affect the health of the mouth, but careful care will keep teeth and gums strong. The teeth are covered by an outer hard layer called enamel. 

Every day, a thin layer of bacteria called dental plaque is formed on the teeth. The bacteria in the dental plaque produce acids that can start to damage the enamel. There are many dental clinics in Panama, with a lot of capacity to assist you with every oral problem you have, you or your children. Children begin to lose their baby teeth at 5 or 6 years. The mouse brings you money and the little ones begin to grow new teeth, the ones that will accompany them all their lives.

It is very important to pay attention to oral health since childhood. Teaching your children to brush their teeth correctly is the first step. Regularly visit any of the dental clinics in Panama will be essential, follow their recommendations will only benefit.

When new teeth grow, dentists quickly notice that some children need to use orthodontics. The new pieces sometimes grow crooked, or simply do not have enough space.

Using orthodontics allows children (today also adults) to have an even denture, with teeth aligned. The benefits on an aesthetic level are undeniable, of course. But the use of orthodontics goes beyond the simple aesthetic question. In an even and aligned dentition saliva can better fulfill its cleansing function, and brushing also becomes simpler and more effective.

The only point against orthodontics is, unfortunately, its high cost. If your children need orthodontics and today you do not have money to cover their cost, do not worry. We have good news: PRESTA! Panama can help you by granting you the personal credit you need.

The procedure is very simple. You show up at any of the PRESTA Panama branches and the money is yours: your personal loan is approved practically on the spot. You do not need to present many things to apply to a personal credit, just your identity card and the last two pay stubs of your work.

The personal loans granted by PRESTA Panama are truly easy to obtain. The process is so simple that in a single afternoon you can plan to obtain your personal loan and then go to the dentist's office with your children. Although thinking about it, maybe things are a bit more difficult. Your personal loan in Presta Panama, of course, will be approved in a matter of minutes, do not hesitate. What we can not assure you is that the dentist has available shifts as soon as ...

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