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En nuestro blog encontraras ideas sobre qué hacer en Panama. Información útil sobre diversos temas de interés. Actividades recreativas los días festivos, Semana Santa, Días Patrios y Carnavales, lo que necesitas saber de nuestro sistema de préstamos personales, fácil y rápido.

Pide tu préstamo personal para comprar mascotas!

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  • junio 14, 2019 |
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Dos cachorros lindos con peluche en forma de corazón.

Studies have shown that having pets  at home allows us to counteract stress, lowers our blood pressure every time we pet them, we increase our self-esteem by putting ourselves in the role of their “leader,” they are an excellent source of responsibility and sensitivity lessons. The  pets  can be our best friends, our playmates. But they are a living being who also needs care and attention.

You have been promising your children those pets they want so long. Why not buy them a puppy of a good breed? There are ideal dog breeds for company and at the same time they work great as a guard dog for the house.

A puppy of a good breed will be the ideal companion for your children. Those of us who grew up with a dog by our side know what it is: endless hours of games, countless shared moments.

After much thought you decided: now is the time. Maybe you lack some money, breed dogs are expensive. Fortunately, PRESTA! Panama can lend you the amount you are missing. Lend Panama has a personal credit for you.

With Panama, more and more families are fulfilling their dreams. Personal loans from Presta Panama help people like you get everything they want today. Why postpone your dreams?

Personal loans in Panama are sometimes not so easy to obtain. Many people have done thousands of procedures, completed hundreds of forms to finally resign and not get a penny. Banks, financial companies do not usually do things simple, personal loans in these institutions are often impossible to obtain.

Good thing there is also Presta Panama! When you approach a branch of Presta Panama you can check the difference. Presenting only your last two pay stubs of your work you get in 20 minutes the money you need.

Do you have bad credit references? Do not be afraid. If other institutions have closed your doors in the past, with Presta Panama you will see that things are very different. Everyone can get a personal loan at Presta Panama, even those who do not have a good credit rating.

You have more questions? Do you want to receive more information? Well don’t waste any more time. Approach any branch of Presta Panama. You will receive the attention you deserve, you will get an answer to all your queries. And if you decide, remember, you immediately get money.

PRESTA! Panama wants to help you make your dreams come true. And that is great news.

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