Consejos para el Black Weekend

Black Friday is celebrated worldwide on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, although in Panama different proposals have emerged, among them is the “Black Weekend” that will be held in September for the first time, where it will seek to revive the trade and tourism in a month considered as low season, registering a decrease in sales for companies from various commercial sectors.

The main feature of Black Weekend, are the wide and diverse offers launched by shops in general, where you can find discounts of up to 70% discount. Some companies are not limited to one day, and extend their promotions throughout the weekend or the entire week, many of them trying to boost sales, publicize their products or take the opportunity to make a change of season.

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The “Black Friday” is an event that was born in the United States, but has spread throughout the world and has taken a remarkable importance among Panamanian consumers throughout its existence, presenting a unique opportunity in the year to acquire different products and services with offers and discounts very different from what is offered in the rest of the year.

If you don’t know where to go this Black Weekend, here are some tips that will help you:  Where to go in the “Panama Black Weekend 2017”

and 5 tips to make the most of Black Weekend .

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